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We are a mobile Personal Training service, located in Brisbane. We offer a holistic approach to health & fitness.

One of the unique characteristics that sets Move ‘n’ Improve  Personal Training apart from the rest, is our commitment to home-based, functional exercise.

We are mobile & your experienced female trainer comes to you. No more do you have to motivate yourself to get to the gym or go out for a run or power-walk!Before you realise it your trainer will be knocking at your door and you’ll be exercising happily.

Furthermore, without the use of complex machinery, exercise becomes a natural part of your daily life & routine.

All training equipment is brought to you. In addition to boxing, body weight, fit ball & medicine ball work, we use mostly kettle bells,  free weights i.e. dumbbells and barbell as opposed to machines.



Your Trainer

 Stephanie originally from France trained with the nationally recognised Australian Institute of Fitness to become an Executive Master Trainer with a Diploma in Exercise Science. She also holds the Certificate IV in Fitness which is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework and is a registered personal trainer with Fitness Australia.

Stephanie is also a qualified fit ball and medicine ball instructor, boxing for fitness instructor, Pilates instructor and holds a special certification in pre and post pregnancy exercise. Trained in strength training toning and conditioning using both free weights and kettle bells. She is also trained in Indian head and shoulder massage, which puts the finishing touch on every strength training session.

Stephanie has been running her business Move ‘n’ Improve Personal Training for the past 15 years. From personal experience, she understands how challenging it can be to achieve and maintain a lean and toned body and how rewarding it is when one succeeds! She firmly believes in good exercise and nutrition becoming an integral and enjoyable part of people’s lives and loves seeing her clients enjoy the results that come with this.

Once you make that life changing decision and decide to go for what you deserve, Stephanie is here to make your journey to good health easier, safer, effective and most of all, enjoyable.






The outdoor cardio session takes the form of circuit training. A circuit is made up of interval training (walking or jogging, depending on your level) with several stops at various stations.

Every stop requires you to perform an exercise on the spot, such as step ups, dips or pushups and even lunge jumps! It is a very complete session that provides you with an increase in fitness level, great fat burning, an increase in strength and lots of variety and fun in the process!

This session is a real “All-rounder”.


Every strength training session at Move ‘n’ Improve personal training begins with a warm-up. A session of weight training involves a series of compound exercises. A compound exercise is an exercise that will work not just one muscle but a few different muscles at the same time.

Consider both of these…working one muscle at a time across your whole body or working a few muscles in one go…which one do you think is going to be the most efficient, the safest and the least time consuming? During a strength training session we are going to use either freeweights (dumbells) or kettles bells.

Working out with kettlebells will increase endurance and tone, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility. Kettlebells can be used for overall fitness, as a toning muscle building  system or as part of a weight-loss program.
Research has shown that free weights promote quicker strength gain and require more balance and coordination than the machines in gyms which deprive you from all these extra benefits. Free weights make you use more muscle groups and teach you how to use your abdominal muscles to stabilize yourself rather than having the machine doing it for you. The added benefit is that this also promotes a flatter belly!

Free weights require balance and they encourage more activity of the joint stabilizer muscles. This means that you basically are going to make full use of your body and do everything that it is actually designed to do in a natural way, which again leads to exercise becoming an integral and ongoing part of life, even when you’re not consciously exercising!

According to the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, “The shape of the kettle bell allows for unique positioning of the weight directly above your center of mass (unlike a dumbbell or barbell which must be held in front of the body) and allows you to keep your hand and wrists in neutral alignment, which enable for greater endurance and longevity in the core lifts so that you can produce a much higher volume of exercise and thus greater conditioning and fitness.”

Every strength training session concludes with full body stretching and a shoulder massage so you walk out with your body feeling not only well-worked out, but relaxed and supple as well!


 CORE SESSION (abdominals)

This session is designed to develop your abdominal strength, improve your balance, improve your agility, help you to correct your posture and provide you with variety to the training program.

For this session the tools that we are using are the fitball which is a ball that forces you to operate in an unstable environment. The medicine ball is also used in conjunction with the fitball the result being that you develop your core strength, general strength, balance and power. This session includes a full body workout using a selection of different exercises while using the fitball as well as a selection of static (on the spot) and dynamic (while moving) exercises with the medicine ball.

Every strength training session concludes with full body stretching and a shoulder massage so you walk out with your body feeling not only well-worked out, but relaxed and supple as well


Boxing is one of the best ways for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence. There are a lot of positive results to gain, you may build stronger and more defined arms and legs and it can also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance.

You may also enjoy more benefits aside from the physical aspects of boxing trainings. Cardio boxing workouts can allow you to burn out a fair bit of calories and helps maintaining the heart rate at 75 percent to 85 percent regular beat. This has been proven to be good and is the recommended range if you are exercising or into training.

Boxing training improves your speed, resistance, and strength. Flexibility and the reflexes of the muscles are also enhanced. Repetitive motion on arms by sparring and jogging while you punch helps your arms and legs gain strength and power.

These workouts also enable your joint movements to build highly efficient fitness results. These movements require you to develop balance and coordination that enables your body to be stable and maintain a good form.

These physical benefits you gain from boxing are just few of the many benefits that they can provide .You will also feel the satisfaction when you punch or kick. Relaxation and self-motivation is also developed.

You will feel a sigh of relief and feel that you are released from stressed. It also helps you to get rid of that anger that is inside of you. Once these things are released, you may feel lightness into your body and peace of mind as well.

Many fitness experts recommend boxing training lessons for beginners. It allows you to work out at your desired pace and body condition. Boxing sessions allow you to push yourself to the limit in a safe and well conditioned environment. Positive results await you with boxing training sessions. You will enjoy a physically fit body and will keep you in better shape.



Train as a couple with your partner

Working out together provides a serious boost to your motivation and goals.

Having someone to support and encourage you is good for your workout but you are also less likely to give up.

With fitness as a common goal you will both follow a healthy diet.
They are many benefits of Exercising with Your Partner: The two of you may be at different fitness levels and have different goals, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise together.

There are plenty of reasons to give it a try:

Quality Time. Couples spend most of their time apart due to careers and other responsibilities. Instead of exercising apart or just by yourself with your trainer, plan a workout time that fits both of your schedules. You’ll reach your fitness goals, without sacrificing that one-on-one time that every partnership needs.

A Common Interest. Add exercise to your list of shared interests and hobbies. The possibility for new, unique activities is endless and keeps things exciting. You can never have too much in common.

Motivation & Support. Getting encouragement and praise from your partner is one of the best motivators. It’ll help both of you remain consistent and take care of one another.

A Deeper Bond. Exercise produces chemicals in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness, reduce stress, and also increase arousal and libido. Several studies show that men and women who exercise regularly report better (and more frequent) sex with their partners.

Respect & Pride. Taking care of your body and your health shows the person you care about that you want to be your best for them—and that you want to be around for years to come.

Balance. In many couples, one partner tends to favour cardio (typically women) while the other tends to favour strength training (typically men). By working out together you can balance your workout program to include more of both



At Move ‘n’ Improve we advocate a plant based diet, but can also assist in planning for all dietary needs.

People who eat a plant-based diet live longer, have less cancer & heart disease, weigh less, and have healthier diets. They even have a lower carbon footprint.

These were the impressive findings from the landmark study Adventist Health Study-2 – (first announced at the International Congress of Vegetarian Nutrition at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA., February, 2013).



Your Investment in Your Health


$60 for a 45min session
$70 for a 1hr session


$70 for a 45min session
$90 for a 1hr session 


$60 for custom weekly meal plan 


$60 for a 45 mins training session + weekly nutrition & exercise plan.

$70 for a 1 hour training session + weekly nutrition & exercise plan.

Don’t want to go it alone… Bring a friend to your first session for free.
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  • “In two short months, my energy levels have increased dramatically allowing me to focus my time more effectively on my studies and work related issues. I can’t believe I spent so long feeling horrible and awful and never taking the step to do anything about it!”

    Kara - 20, Brisbane
  • “I was very wary to start training with Stephanie, as I had never been to a gym in my life, and certainly had nothing to do with weight training, but even after only a few sessions I am happy to say I now feel stronger and my balance is much better”

    Patricia - 68, Manly West
  • “Double the fun!!! Who would have thought you could actually enjoy getting fit with your partner? Stephanie has enabled two very unfit and overweight people to take “togetherness” to a new level by helping us get in shape for our upcoming wedding and overseas honeymoon. In just nine weeks with Steph, we have achieved more than we did in twice the time at a local gym.”

    Megan, 32 & Neil, 31- Hawthorne
  • “I became pregnant and really wanted to stay as healthy as I could, particularly as I was going to be a not-so-young first time mum at 34. Because I had been training hard with Steph long after the ‘big day’ in September, I was fitter than I had ever been when I began my ‘maternity’ training. Although Steph still pushed me hard during our weekly cardio and weights sessions, over the months she varied the routines to ensure I wasn’t harming my body or my baby

    Megan - 34, Brisbane


Move n' Improve has been working with QPASTT (Queensland program of assistance to survivors of torture and trauma) to deliver culturally approriate personal training classes to young women with a refugee background.



Stephanie exceeded our expectations with regard to the quality of service provided. She developed good working relationships with the young women attending and was able to incorporate high quality nutritional information sessions into the group fitness training. She was well respected by the young women participants and the regular participation rate increased as the program progressed. All clients were very satisfied by the high quality of the group fitness classes, Stephanie’s great knowledge of fitness and nutrition as well as Stephanie’s positive  attitude and sensitive approach.

– Amy Burkett | Coordinator, Children & Youth Team, QPASTT




Engaging in physical activity such as sport has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental (such as building self esteem and counteracting stress and depression). Studies also increasingly point to the social benefits of sport, noting that increased participation in sport can assist in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, and building social cohesion.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also acknowledges “the power and importance of sport, and notes that sport can play “a particularly important and healing role,” for refugees. As well as physical health benefits, sport can provide “a sense of purpose and direction for young. Sport also offers an opportunity for social interaction, and a forum for non-English speakers to learn and practise English.

The benefits of sport have particular relevance for refugee communities. Given that refugees are forced to leave their home countries, often without warning, and due to the fact that refugees have often suffered torture and trauma, the process of settling in a new country can be far more difficult and distressing for refugees compared to other migrants.

Initiatives which promote physical and mental wellbeing and positive community integration are particularly important for refugees, therefore sport programs have the potential to be of great benefit to the refugee community.



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